Thatch Close Cottages, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hereford, HR9 6EL
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Cottage Accessibility

Thatch Close Cottages are 3 self-catering cottages, less than 1mile from the village of Llangrove, 2 miles from Whitchurch and the A40. We are 5 miles from Monmouth, 8 miles from Ross on Wye. We are located in 12 acres of quiet secluded countryside. The nearest Station is Hereford, which is 15 miles away.

Our cottages meet various National Accessibility Scheme standards, which are detailed below along with a full access statement for each cottage.

If you need any additional information or have any questions, please contact us.

Cider Cottage

Cider Cottage

Sleeps 2

A warm and cosy yet spacious 17th Century cottage having an abundance of oak beams and a secluded patio.

NAS V1 RatingNAS H2 RatingNAS M1 Rating
Full Access Guide
Brambles Barn

Brambles Barn

Sleeps 4

Beautifully crafted oak interior with wonderful views and a large patio. Has one double and one twin room.

NAS V1 RatingNAS H2 RatingNAS M1 Rating
Full Access Guide
Valley View

Valley View

Sleeps 2

A successful mix of traditional and modern, and has been beautifully restored to allow full wheelchair accessibility.

NAS V1 RatingNAS H2 RatingNAS M3i RatingNAS M3a Rating
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Additional Information



There are no buses; however JMC taxis are located within 2 miles, telephone; 01600 890 998, this is a Symonds Yat number.

Address -
Old Ross Road
Ross on Wye

JMC have wheelchair accessible taxies available other than when collecting and delivering children to and from school.


Hereford Station
Barr’s Court
Tel 0845 606 1600

Station Approach Accessibility and Mobility 08453 003 005, Open on Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 20:00.

Staff are available to help 06:00 to 22:00 Monday to Saturday and 09:00 to 22:00 on Sunday-Sunday.

Travellers claim the café is good and cheap and station staff are friendly & helpful.

The station has a ramp and wheelchairs are available, there is a height adjustable counter and inductive loop. Wheelchair accessible toilets are next to the gents.

Station Car Parking

Car parking is operated by National Car Parks
Tel 08450 507 080
Web Address

There is a taxi rank next to the station.


There is adequate level parking.

The parking area is compacted and well consolidated drained sub–base with a layer of fine rolled stone.

When parking to access Bramble’s Barn and Valley View it is practicable to leave your car and move onto the level slabs without having to cross the stone parking area.

This applies especially to those in wheelchairs or with other mobility and sight issues.

The same applies to Cider Cottage; however there are 2 steps from the slabs to the brick patio.

There are no changes in levels from the level parking area adjacent to the entrance and ground floor in Bramble’s Barn and Valley View.

The parking is capable of allowing those who have problems with reversing or turning their heads to use the main entrance, park and continue to exit in the same direction.


All stairs are of oak construction with steps comprising of 150 mm risers and 255 mm beech treads.

There are no nosings, and the end of each step is of a contrasting colour with contrasting non-slip inserts; two inserts at the top and bottom steps.

Landings are provided at locations whenever there is a change of direction in the stairs, or at rest points.

Hand Rails, all stairs have oak handrails with curved returns.

Heating, Boiler and Air Quality


All heating is under-floor with thermostatic controls in each cottage.


A new oil fired boiler is located in the Coach House/ laundry Room, which has been converted to a laundry room.

This provides heating and hot water without disturbing visitors. Hot water is continuously re-circulated ensuring there is a minimum wait for hot water. The temperature is set at 41C.

Air Quality

Air freshness – There are heat exchangers which remove warm moist air using this to heat up fresh cool dry incoming air. They have booster settings, which change the air at a faster rate.


The Fire Brigade was invited to inspect the properties and we have complied with all their recommendations.

All the cottages have heat and smoke detectors. The smoke detectors are linked and are sound and flashing light enabled.

Two Double fire doors of 805 mm width separate each cottage.

The wet rooms and cloakroom have mains powered emergency pull cords linked to flashing lights & sound alarms. These have a battery back up system.

In addition all wet-rooms & cloakrooms have battery powered emergency lights in the event of mains failure.

Internal and external emergency lighting is provided in the event of power failure. Exterior doors all have ‘thumb turn’ handles on the inside. Skirting boards and, doorframes are of a contrasting colour.

Each cottage is provided with chairs with arms.

A personal alarm is provided so that the guest can summon a helper.

There is a fire blanket in each kitchen.

Wetrooms and Cloakrooms

All have level access and ‘Altro’ non-slip flooring, unpatterned to comply with recommendation for the visually impaired. Bramble’s Barn & Valley View ground floor wet-room and cloak-rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Ground floor WCs are all electrically powered shower toilets, which have the option of being foot operated. The 3 ground floors WC s are fitted with shower toilets, which will wash you with warm water and then waft you dry with warm air.

There are adequate blue handrails and supports in each cloak-room and wet-room. All are fitted with blue grab rails and fold up assistors for rising from the WC and using the shower.

All wet room use showers set to a 41C temperature. All conform to ‘Doc M’ building controls, washbasins use lever taps.

All have approved horizontal leaver action outwards opening doors. In addition doors can be unlocked and opened from the outside in an emergency.

They all have pull cords with which to summon assistance. The alarm sounds in the individual cottage, it is not linked to the main house or other cottages. The doors can be opened outwards in case some one falls against them from the inside.

All have fire alarms which are interlinked- the alarms have flashing lights and bleepers.

All fittings have rounded edges.


The circuits are all compliant with the relevant electrical regulations.

Each cottage has its own dedicated consumer unit. All sockets and switches are of a contrasting colour and at the same height whenever practicable.

Emergency lights will switch on in case of power failure. Electric torches are provided in each cottage. Electrical sockets and lighting switches the sockets are all of the same height from the floor whenever practicable.

Changes in Levels

Cider Cottage to Bramble’s Barn has four steps of 168mm.

The ground floor of Bramble's Barn and Valley View are all on the same level and wheelchair accessible.

Cottage Cider Cottage has a 2 x 50mm steps onto the patio.

Cottage Bramble's Barn has a 50mm weather seal onto its patio.

There are no other steps or changes in level except on the stairs. The slope to the Laundry Room [Old Coach House] is less than 1:28


Floors are Junkers beech, Altro non-slip flooring in wet area and kitchen areas, there are non-slip mats positioned at front doors. Carpets other than the safety mats can be removed if requested.


All the cottages are fitted with a central vacuum system, with inlets in each area for hose connection.

In addition there are hand held cordless Dyson vacuum in each kitchen.

Cleaning materials are provided in each cottage.

Cottages are cleaned following each occupancy.

Gardens, Fields and Patios

At present there is only access to your patios. Further accessibility is planned.

Cider cottage has a 40 mm threshold and 2 x 80mm steps onto its level patio.

Bramble’s barn has 5 stairs and a 60mm threshold onto its patio.

Valley View’s has level access to its patio.

Links between Cottages

Double fireproof doors link the cottages. These can be locked for privacy or opened as desired.

Bramble’s Barn sits between the other two cottages. Bramble’s Barn can be accessed from Cider Cottages via two fire doors and a number of steps. This is not wheelchair accessible. The access has an NAS classification of M1.

Valley View links to Bramble’s Barn. The ground floor of Bramble’s Barn and Valley View are on the same level and are wheelchair accessible. The NAS classification for this access is M3.

Entertainment and Communication

Each cottage has the following –:

Free Wi-Fi is provided
A Sony CMT-S20 Micro Hi-Fi System
An HD LED Smart 32 inch TV
A 22 inch HD, LED Smart TV is available in Bramble’s barn along with a blue ray DVD system and a Bluetooth Radio i-pod.
A selection books, Music CDs and films is available.

It is planned for all cottages to have a TV in each of the bedrooms.

The Laundry Room [The Old Coach House]

The laundry room is wheel chair accessible from Brambles Barn and Valley View, there are 2 steps of 150 mm to access the Laundry from Cider Cottage

Laundry room is accessible via a stone path – 1600 minimum mm width, maximum gradient 1:28.

Maximum distance from the furthest unit is 33 m.

Laundry door 1000mm size 5300 x 3500 mm.

The level Altro flooring is non-slip ‘Altro’ flooring, with under floor heating.

This room contains an oil-fired boiler, which services the cottages.

A sink and drainer are fitted.

A commercial washing machine with separate drier, both on a plinth, so wheelchair accessible are available for the use of guests.

The laundry room can provide locked storage for wheelchairs, bicycles etc.


LED lamps are used in most sockets to reduce our Carbon Footprint. Each sitting area has additional ‘mother & daughter‘ floor standing lights.

Bedroom all have at least one bedside lamp, which is dimmable and touch, operated.

Additional Equipment

The following are available on request and are not charged for:

Crockery and cutlery suitable for those with dexterity and or visual issues
Talking microwave
Personal inductive loop
Talking measuring jug
Talking Kitchen scales
Talking thermometer
Vibrating under–pillow fire alert system with power failure back up
Mybelle 650 big button telephone
BDP 400 talking telephone with large display
Large print Scrabble
Large print playing Cards
Wheelchair for use in showers
Cot and high chair for the younger guests
WC riser

Additional items will be added from time to time.

Information Packs

There are information packs in each cottage. These include:

Walking & Cycling information
Local places of interest
Details of pubs, places to eat etc.
Details of locations of shops, farm shops, post offices, banks etc.
Boundary map with details of the footpaths

In addition there is an OS map in the laundry room with details of places of interest marked out.

Local Emergency Contacts

GP surgery 01989 563646 – Ross on Wye
Dentist 01600 890 233 Whitchurch
Police, Fire, Ambulance – Emergency 999
Police, Fire, Ambulance – Non–emergency 101
Hospital 01989 562 100 Ross on Wye – Open Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:30
The County Hospital Hereford 01432 355 444 Wye Valley NHS Trust
The Nuffield Hospital Hereford 0800 015 5020
Monmouth Hospital 01600 773113 – Open Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 17:30, On Friday 08:30 to 16:30
Priory Hospital Abergavenny 01873 856 004