Thatch Close Cottages, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hereford, HR9 6EL
01989 770300

Cottage 2 - Bramble’s Barn

Bramble’s Barn is on 2 levels. The ground floor is wheelchair accessible from the outside or from Cottage 3 [Valley View.]

The Entrance

The Entrance is off the level paved area with adjacent parking.

The entrance door is 1224mm wide with a wheelchair accessible weather strip of 12mm. It is of sufficient width to allow two adults to enter side by side.

The Living Area

The living area has maximum dimensions of 6300 x 4900 mm.

Door Widths

The 800mm double fire doors door lead to Cottage 1 [Cider Cottage] and the double fire doors leading to Cottage 3 [Valley View] are 910 mm wide.

Another door 850mm wide leads into the cloakroom.

Dining Area

The dining area has a table 90x 160 mm extending to 205 mm and to 2500 mm. the space beneath the table is 610 mm, risers can be provided to increase the height. A Chair with arms is provided.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen drawers and cupboards have user-friendly handles.

The kitchen work surface is 940mm from the floor, cupboard handles are 1400 mm from the floor at their mid point.

There is built in under the counter fridge, oven drop down doors, handles are 1230 mm and 1530mm.

The oven doors open at 880mm and 330mm as measured from the floor. Control knobs are at a height of 1600mm.

There is also a built in inductive hob and dishwasher.

In addition there is a steamer handle at 1450 mm.

The steamer would prove difficult for a guest with dexterity issues. A microwave is on the worktop.

Stairs and Mezzanine

There are a total of 5 stairs from the living area to the outside. A landing at the top of these stairs 950x890m leads to the patio over a 50mm ledge.

There are two sets of 4 steps, the first leading to a landing, 780 x 860mm, the second onto the mezzanine, which is 3450x 2370mm.

Doors leading off to the bedrooms are both 820mm wide.

The wet rooms in both bedrooms are 810 mm wide.

The wardrobe in the East bedroom is 685mm wide, the one in the West bedroom is 740mm wide, both having full-length mirrors along with lights and shelving.

The East bedroom is 3660x 2900mm maximum with wet-room 2000 x 1740mm.

A double 5foot bed is 1000 pocket sprung. The pillows & duvet fillings are all cotton polyester.

End of bed to wall space 900mm.

The West bedroom is 3860x 31700 mm and wet-room 2000 x174mm; this also has a wardrobe with internal light.

The 2 x 3 foot double electrically adjustable beds, each with a John Lewis matrass 1200 ‘Ortho’ one medium one firm.

Bedding is Egyptian cotton minimum 200 grade, Pillow & duvet filling polyester.

End of bed to wall space 1000mm