Thatch Close Cottages, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hereford, HR9 6EL
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Cottage 1 – Cider Cottage

Cider Cottage is accessed from the parking area onto a level Victorian brick patio via 2 stone steps each of 140 mm risers, 290 mm treads and 1200mm width. The distance across this patio is 7m.

There is a step of 140mm onto the threshold – the door width being 830mm.

Ground Floor


The doorstep has a 4mm high steel weather strip. The first floor area is all on one level.

The entrance corridor is 1600 long and 835 mm at its narrowest. The flooring is covered with specialist non-slip matting. The remainder of the corridor is 1600 mm in length.

Entrance to the living area.

There are 4 steps onto a landing then 3 steps in to the living room with a landing of 805 x 805 mm between the steps.

The living area, this consists of a dining – sitting area- 4.7 m x 4.0m. There are 2 double sofas with arms, and a coffee table.

The kitchen area is 2.50 x 2.40 m.

The kitchen layout is ‘U’ shaped. The worktop is 900 mm high; cupboard easy grip handles are 1630mm centers from the floor.

Dish-washer, fridge and oven are built in under the worktops with no protrusions.

The 4-ring halogen hob has an extractor 770 mm above the worktop 1600 above the floor level.

The microwave is 600 mm above the work top- 1500mm above floor level.

The dining table is 4-seater single central pedestal of 1060 mm diameter, extending to 1510mm.

There are 4 chairs and one chair with arms.

Entrance on this level to the vestibule with the patio in front and cloakroom to the right, all on one level.

Entrance from the living area is 840 mm wide the patio door is 785mm mm wide.

The 2100 x 1160 cloakroom has a door 805 mm width.

There is a 35mm weather strip and then a 2 steps to the patio of 80 mm each.

The patio is of level natural stone slabs.


From the living area to the first floor:

The stairs lead off from the living area.

A flight of 7 steps, with a minimum width of 720 mm, lead onto a rest area, which is a level landing 1100mm long and 850mm wide.

Then 2 steps up to a landing, which is 840 mm wide and 800 mm long.

A turn of 90 degrees with 4 steps on to a landing 800x 800 mm.

2 steps, onto the bedroom, wet-room/WC, all on the same level

The First Floor

The first floor is all on one level contains the landing, wet-room and bedroom.

Wet Room

This landing has a 1960 x 2280mm wet-room via an 830 mm wide door and another door- 820 mm wide into the bedroom.


This has dimensions of 4900 x 4400mm maximum.

Electric bed

The 5 foot double bed 620 mm high has an individually electrically operated rise and fall facility for each guest, with separate foam matrasses.

Dressing table is 760 mm high with a space of 5760mm from the floor to the lowest point.